Software sophistication : Installation of software (Explanation)

ZOOM feature, is recommended.

This is a example how software sophistication could help people developping software, not having to patch or block or remove unwanted software.

This is how it work.

SIMPLE install.


Software executable opening
REMOVAL of ability of run without a warning box
Antivirus SCAN (recommended)
Auto-Extractable BIN
LICENSE (aggrement)

PROVEN SerialNUMBER of license.

CONCEPT (of the SOPHISTICATION) perspective:

Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values
Correct setting to apply to that kind of base
Security check if the setup could succeed
Time Failure (STOP)
Illegitimate, badly distributed copy.


CONCEPT (Schema):
Succeding installation
Software without any security involve.
TIME Syncing and values SET*
Correct setting to apply to that kind of structure, reapply for re installation
Succeeding step TIME. (without syncing) * Verification it succeed in time (without sync)
Security check if the setup did do correctly the procedure
TIME is setup correctly for the kind of structure of Operating system
This is pass the test of quality for that computer/machine
The license is made that time verify if the time have the correct setup of the creation of the key
Succeed it didn’t get use more than the license is involving.
Proving the identity of the time structure*
TIME authenticated KEYS is lock for that software for the time it say on license.
USER : Installation succeed, you can now open your new software.
Optional : Please write your recovery code for re installation – settings recovery.



CECI est un Pré-avis informel – Taux d’emprunt maximum – Maximum (so so) calculated on STATE tax, over 2006-2018

Total Éviction (Near Beaubien / Galerie D’Anjou)

Total perte :
ammortisement 10,000$ CAD

Qualinet travail d’ébauche (supervisé):
8944$ /h *

À propriété insalubre et habitacle dangereuse.

Montant de l’immeuble souhaitable :
10,000$ + ammortisement légal. *

Sous toute réserve au moment de l’ébauche.

Le tout, sans préjudice.

Rente d’allocation.

Anjou, QC.

STATE TAX d’éviction : 147,29.00$ CAD

*(À un organisme de charité)

12 * 12 = 144 month contract paid up – advanced, by interest, of gouvernement rate, established, previously to my born.

144 * 480 $ CAN always for all appartment prorata?
Taux d’emprunt maximum par loi ?
6% =

Balance d’emprunt de : 4147,20.


plus. on
se souhaite tous le meilleur 🙂

Copie d’écran (en précité)
Chiffre ~

Avec tout le respect, de cette petite fonctionnalité, en vous remerciant.

Le Paradis – sans maison merci!

RUE quelque chose encore 🙂

TIPS/MEDIUM Difficulty : What technician never revealed how to create WindowsOS the way you want.

They never do the thing formally they don’t misuse it, but in case that everybody, want to know, if your computer need a refresh and it’s not Windows XP lacking feature, you might be interested that you computer (clone) come with a function of refreshing computer if it made correctly and of course it’s real, not a clone (that is not legitimate) you might be interested to know more and understand the fully build and made system for yourself, don’t go there if you have never make other system working in the past. I highly encourage people to know better before doing so, normally a lack of computer and a unrecoverable totally or partially impossible to help if it is needed, since you gonna lose nothing trying!

We don’t want people to follow that scheme. It is recommended in virtual box or other powerful simulated computer software, thanks!

We hope that little guide gonna open your mind!

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Unwanted STACK Vulnerability (Most WindowsOS)

Do you know? Stack exchange is a known loophole between your DHCP (Locally own private network and the bypass of Internet Exchange) It is known since 1971 and renewed once again [Almost each year] with https://*SSL and cookies protocol (in short) advice yourself to at least protect you with one spiral tape of filter, Most ADSL will offer it soon or contact some that are Key’ed, the exchange.

You can try to filter yourself for knowing if you leak any strange network overload (flow up and down).

You can spoof lots of thing in the exchange for safety we will just give the tool for earn your log about it, Linux will offer more about it, the same way. Don’t worry most of your 1998 did forget the Gory games you are wanting to not recommend or want to play anymore!

Download Dual DHCP DNS Server for free. Self Integrated DNS DHCP Server Open Source Freeware Windows/Linux. Works as DHCP or DNS Server or both.

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Network Warning – What cybercriminal has done so far (last update) 02:58PST

* A Warm * Congrat - Verify source about attack today for

OFFICIAL – NAME OF THE ATTACK IS DIFRA- or commonly Disturb Worldwide Infrastructure over a Aerial Attack remotely. 

—We strongly advise to report all shopping with credit card, or lots of money related shopping.— Bank included, and related – Phone Related – Excl. Debit card shopping in store. Worldwide. 

Global ASIA Outage : It is told that ISRAEL has and have intermittent access to lots of feature telecom has – Internet, voice and cellphone – Difficulty of emergency is suffering of lack of information so far. It is as I already state a lack of Network Infrastructure (below -90grade (19’00) that’s suggested to at least upgrade a bit. 3 major social website was also targetted with lots of difficulty outage occur rapidly they were stop and remove. Almost instantly.

*Our safe shopping cart TEST was fraud. Solely it is a little test, google is and remain free.

The network surge – Put 275,000 (rounds up) computer without protection at risk, and still zombie. If you not having money now or later we strongly advise either a small firewall or antivirus for helping you manage little security zone. If you have a good heart help your friends and neighbors without imposing view or critically upgrade computer – to avoid, totally.

The attack is not finish and it is difficult to know why a Internet proxy war happening majorly in America including Canada, more the time it gonna stand or people stop supporting frauding it – the less they are taught to be found. It is estimated to be a pro-hacking as a extremist – far right group activism in probably as such places big like USA.

The fraud is gonna be expertise more scientifically calculated – but could be more than 220B/$US (estimated) Damage incl. Equifax. Bring powerline down, due to excess computer damage.

Heavy news, most part I have to advice everybody to try to figure out if any intrusion has been made on your side some client inside report in couples website node of our broadcaster some has been leaked, stolen, if anyhow, somebody report virus, weak link, bad checksum files or your webhost reaching limit we consider to help yourself you have 3 strategy void certification ask on phone (landline recommended or normal SIM phone) with certification guru helpline from your provider, or your broadcaster even your webhost to help you, planning new key almost free for first use of support. It is really advice to not worry and verify pre-billing of clients midsize as corporate 1000 Downloads selling brand and fortune 500 could be at risk. The reason I have no technic to say who and what it would void your normal insurance plan and leave me to help too much people, sorry, at least Good Sunday.

(Source : GodaddyVIP, DigiCert and University) TITAN Supercomputer.) IBM – IT dept in slashdot. – Neutrally Akamai – was the target (as a code was call ninja to bring down network Infrastructure. Causing damage over Verizon in Israel (still down at 02:28 PST) by doing POISON ARP over Network, RIP (special network calculate a good data for put latency in good shape, for helping fix and manage the issue. Most of the time – insurance will not pay for home damage – except enterprise SSL if found proof of your unwilling attack including your clients get compromise. Zendesk early HTTPS force code was a good tip. As well as the other one screenshot below.

(UPDATE) Affected : 85M Computers from all OS Computers 1/600 Hosts – 3 Platform of payment autonomous. This include lots of transformation in worldwide electricity and Verizon. IN the pic time highest crisis over IP infrastructure 675M Device was suffering including major Satellite in Canada. Crisis begin to unfold as network is more protected.

Some widely support tool offered – we favorite that one for years.

If you have really important network it is suggested to put your IPV4 tunnel to a wide IPV6 tunnel. *Ex : – is to be avoided as they vulnerable.

Demo is available here for Apache 2.2

This is not a spam or misreport we keep private much of information for insurance high risk and not generating fear.

Microsot (MAP) Awareness program. (HomeCodename) or flip your server to communicate with microsoft for help.

Hey, still with us cool – we need your help to bring back stability on network – it is really simple on Windows you can download that tool from VISTA to Win10 – Clean (without virus or with) we don’t judge – Of course you can verify it is from Microsoft Corporation – Thank you in advance. 🙂 For server consult manual please at

Last update was 02:58PST more to come in other news agency.

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Curriculum VITAE pour poste d’Executif Temporaire

Ceci sans frais, en ce 18e jour, du mois de septembre 2017.

De mes sentiments les plus solennelle.
Votre groupe ce succède maintenant avec une transition.

Votre – Contrôleurs d’Agence Régulateur (Reserved General Administration). (Also Known As TOP Executive / Aussi connu comme Top Éxécutif.)


CV disponible en utilisation privé (En français).


Bien que tout ai été fait pour que le CV soit de conception protégé quelques fautes peuvent s’avoir glisée. Nous preféront nous en excuser.

The coral experiment (softcode)

We are always wondering, why some reuse our password incorrectly, of course that kind of attack is not working on our kind of hosting. We did pay a great amount to not get stole our dynamic webpage. The first thing we see is reuse of lots of DDos, to figure out the main password of website. For the attack to really compromise it need more than hashing but hashing probably destroy lots of ability that website still use to paginate it. In laboratory of science in development of Super Computer, all we see is a remaining of praking (Post-Hack). This method has been compromise lots of advertiser, as keen, IBM that always stated that it will maybe this year find a solution, to not get problematic with their clients. Praking can destroy lots of website in couple minutes, so advise you to keep copy at least or be assure that you will try to get access to your good copy. We know that it can be really difficult to fight that without a real Hashing that is post to that problem, of decipher converted, character maps of ASCII. The only character maps not hacked, but pretty difficult is Hindi, for the others, in waiting, that it change the course of history, to your *more* important website.

Help and reference is offered on that subject for wordpress and many other.