Month: December 2018

Who is INTERNET and why it’s hugely important to know the truth.

Internet could be really useful to be able to communicate with lots of people but who run the Internet nobody know. To be sure to let your understanding about who is ‘Internet’ you need to realize who is Internet first, I don’t think nobody could it be really entitle to be Internet. Internet is made like a cake who is Internet is not really a friend or a span page !

Internet is

Internet USER (90% or so)

made by

Social platform (22% or so)
Media conglomerate and stupid behavior (33,11% or so)
Adult website (3% or so)
Coder (100% of so)
Administrative officer or high ranked genius (2% or so)
Password seeker and illegal tendency to stole the whole character of good tendency of the internet (88% or so)
Internet master and certified tech of rarity and IP Manager with diploma (33% or so)
And finally

most importantly,

Internet is not a product it’s a blooming superstar that consume most of industrial resources of electricity any kind for most of his user by 2011 statistic call for probably more than 2 pack of cigarette worldwide each seconds and surpass most of the world economy in each 22 seconds, for rarity

So, don’t be stupid close the computer, when tired, hacked, doomed, and challenge to do thing that human body is more suppose to do!

Hugging someone with a lot care – somebody that really is in normality and Internet will nothing as dangerous!

Because Internet is a fool and love isn’t!