Start your day 1 with Firefox. Firefox is able to help million people, others are imitating – them they take the privacy seriously.

How long before the Internet lose his privacy, this is not boring, it could handle truth – it can also make a good recipe. What if everybody that know you, did tell, he shouldn’t do that, I have to remember him good way to do it. Firefox Quantum product is made for lasting, others help also. Are you in for the challenge to choose, choose what it can bring to you. Solid State Browser, the future at one hand, the other for typing. Join the privacy advocacy always rewarded, privately.

Join Firefox and stop escape!

Bonus how to restore your privacy ?

TIPS/MEDIUM Difficulty : What technician never revealed how to create WindowsOS the way you want.

They never do the thing formally they don’t misuse it, but in case that everybody, want to know, if your computer need a refresh and it’s not Windows XP lacking feature, you might be interested that you computer (clone) come with a function of refreshing computer if it made correctly and of course it’s real, not a clone (that is not legitimate) you might be interested to know more and understand the fully build and made system for yourself, don’t go there if you have never make other system working in the past. I highly encourage people to know better before doing so, normally a lack of computer and a unrecoverable totally or partially impossible to help if it is needed, since you gonna lose nothing trying!

We don’t want people to follow that scheme. It is recommended in virtual box or other powerful simulated computer software, thanks!

We hope that little guide gonna open your mind!